November 09, 1925 - May 30, 2020


Mary Rebiejo

Mary was born at home in Decoto, CA as Union City was then known to parents Paulina and Dionisio Garcia. She grew up in a close loving family along with her brothers Manuel, Paul, Alexander and one sister, Florence. All of her family sadly have preceded her in passing. In Decoto she had many family members-aunts, uncles, cousins all who were equally close to each other while she grew up. She went to Washington High School in Fremont. Summers were spent working along side her family striving for the overall Welfare of her family coming out of the Great Depression. With the advent of World War 2, Mary lied about her age to work and contribute to the War effort. She worked at Fridens in San Leandro building Altimeters for the US Air Force. It was the era of the Big Bands and Mary loved to dance usually with her brothers and sister at home. It was rare when she was able to attend a dance at local venues. One of her work friends on a fortuitous night at the Newark Pavilion introduced her to her future husband, Anthony. Her Tony was the love of her life and best friend. They married and set up their own home in the Ashland area in a house Tony helped build. They had two children, Wayne and Debra Ann. Debra was taken from the family in a tragedy that reverberates thru the greater family to this day. Many people spend their lives searching-whether for themselves or some loftier goal. Mary knew exactly what she had nullifying any need for a search. She had her Hearts desire: a home she worked to keep neat and clean, a loving husband who worked hard to provide for the family, and two loving children. Mary had what a lot of people never realize. She passed quietly at home with her son and hospice care by her side. Throughout her final ordeal her nieces and nephews visited in the vigil. Mary will be interred at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Hayward with her husband and near her daughter. Service will be limited due to Covid 19. In lieu of flowers donations can be made to : ALZHEIMER’S ASSOCIATION PO BOX 96011 WASHINGTON DC. 20090-6011 OR VITAS HEALTHCARE 670 N. McCARTHY BLVD SUITE 220 MILPITAS, CA 95035

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